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Sikka Protocol

Sikka Protocol aims to address security and sustainability issues by combining stable asset convenience with methods used by traditional finance institutions to protect wealth. Its basic purpose is to provide competitive yield in a sustainable way, enabling the majority of users to profit from the increased money velocity of crypto markets.

Sikka Protocol allows users to:

  • Collateralize their assets in MATIC to borrow the SIKKA stable asset.
  • Borrow SIKKA.
  • Put the borrowed SIKKA in a liquidity pool to in return get yield.
  • Farm the LP token received for placing SIKKA into a liquidity pool.
  • Get the borrowed SIKKA + rewards back from the liquidity pool.
  • Claim farming rewards.
  • Repay the borrowed SIKKA + Sikka's borrowing interest.
  • Withdraw collateralized MATIC.
  • Claim GIKKA tokens (ERC-20) issued to the user as a reward for borrowing SIKKA, anytime.
  • Liquidate a user's collateral when the pool where the user put their SIKKA in has fallen under the minimum collateral ratio of 130%.